Be kind

And worse.

I have been trying to double my efforts helping her and my father but it’s not sustainable long term. They need a caregiver to come in at a minimum of one day a week to help my mom do all that normal life stuff like shower and pick out clothes to wear (my dad is hopeless at the clothing and very nearly let her go to my daughter’s 5th grade graduation in pajamas, they were very nice pajamas but still..)


She needs to be more active which helps her be physically and mentally better but my father can’t handle caring for her all day so he lets her sleep and sleep, again this is all not sustainable.

We went out to see Jurassic World as a family, my parents and my husband and daughter, and after we went to dinner and we were chatting about the previews and my father and I were excited about The Walk about the man who tightroped between the Twin towers, my mom said


“you and everyone seems to know what theseTwin Towers are, what are they?”

She’d forgotten 9/11 and that the Twin Towers ever existed.

Someday she’ll forget me too.

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